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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 18, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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happy easter. neil: we don't trust anyone. trust me. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. good news apparently a good number are suspicious of those with good intentions it is so bad we ask if their intentions are good at all. it goes to the top of government. 49% the white house potentially told the irs to target conservatives. the same week six out of 10 think the president has lied in general to get his way that is the one at the 10
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new trusts congress or who don't trust the market's. you don't need to sprinkle any more crimes. andrew growing number field of leaders are also crummy. so this week where is our political figure? now to katrina peterson. where? >> bb jim beam. [laughter] nobody trusts the president because he lies. analyze. health care. benghazi was about a video. then of course, the economy it is a lie over andover. here we go. americans are smart he has lied consistently. that is why people don't have confidence in the government now. neil: where it started and where it ends the be all and
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all with that saved cenacle punch is not good. >> it is not that maybe they figure it out at the easter egg roll. the irs is interesting story the american public can put two and two together with the president of the united states, the democrats who owned the senate and the republicans to own a the house that agree the monstrosity has happened and now they have emails linking democrats to go after conservative groups and the irs was wrong people were targeted we have to get to the bottom but meanwhile we are our interests and we cannot hold people accountable here the american people do not buy that any more. neil: and when i hear james carville say when the strategizing to leave out of
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word recovery because people don't buy it, when that is your own troops to say there has to be a better way. that is not good to. >> it is a problem for the president as a politician once you lose the public's trust it is hard to get it back with a wave after wave of scandals or promises weather keep your health care and an essay on the left does not the president that is why his numbers have gone down. not every american believes all the conspiracy theories but the a drip and drip drip is a major problem. after this election what can get done? if he loses the senate the democrats will be open warfare with the white house
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yesterday with a good bunch of kids they revealed how little faith they have in institutions. don't trust it. agent to your point when you mislead people once or twice they tend to doubt if it is fair or right or to the business leaders or congress they don't distinguish between these guys and entertainment. >> i can see that. in this case all politics are local theyey b believe ther governors, mayors, . neil: nellie's rob it says in who he is. >> of mike lois lerner food takes the fifth so if you are not saying the truth say
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it's. soap people trust the governor and people that are more vocal but we need t to go back to that. obama has stirred the pot. young people like tim. but to your point since the young people really really liked him and elected him he has disappointed them. neil: it is hard to get back on the road but with the bar is so low it would not take much for as crafty fellow to just slightly be above the cenacle expectation. >> i am not sure. that is why there is a growing sentiment. people areired of the republican leadership. it will take someone fresh with bold ideas someone not connected. even mention in the markets
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people do not even trust with the market's. it will take someone strong or pulled to gain the trust of the american public. neil: any thing that will reflects an institution is not there. but that is the old adage a lot more than twice shy. where does this go? >> that the market under president obama has done quite well but at the same time they don't feel that's and that is the problem for this administration who has gone after republicans for their policies at the same time he has been in office for five years so there is a disconnect between every day americans and wall street and whoever taps into that
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is a lot of rage there. >> governor gentle people have done well it is not federal or a senator. governor. i think people trust their governor. fade to a lot of good jobs. we're in the red in doing red -- doing good. he has a fresh idea in president clinton did was us and nobody. then let's get president obama was a nobody as well. we go to the states. neil: bet you may imagine those examples that may harvard -- harbour those fears. neil: and bill clinton will be a grandfather. who says democrats should not apologize sandy the republicans don't apologize republicans don't apologize to dash it
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where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. you'll get a warm welcome in the new new york. see if your business qualifies at neil: they used to call let the viewer segment but we call it to grrrr. [laughter] land your voice to issues that matter and on twitter a
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lot of you about the president and his health care victory lap. >> we're hoping because of something we did. we should not apologize for the defensive. there is the strong good story to tell. neil: democrats should apologize but twitter followers don't think republicans should apologize to make a better. neil: david tasman is here to grrrr. >> guide to its every day before i come to work.
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>> part of the peoples and dislike of the republican with a strong message is correct. they should painted very clearly to focus on individuals control over health care. obama takes away your control over your doctors, your insurance plan even though hospital. the republican should say we want to give the individual more power. either change the tax laws that favor businesses instead of individuals give them the tax breaks that the corporations have so they have a personal interest to get the best policy. neil: but they say the president says in a time you were expressing anger over this you were repealing, id dying, and not coming up with alternatives paul's.
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>> his plan is to be the party of no. neil: that there were genuinely good alternatives. >> it is in our business we focus on one or two because you wanted to get people's minds that focused. the individual should take power they do that to change the tax law and give individuals what corporations have been let them take their policies. neil: but do you understand republicans risk their own credibility when is seems american might buy the notion. may be exploring the up as people talk about losing their health insurance policies and paying more for deductibles and a colleague of ours has cancer just fell in dollar terms of the cancer doctor is not
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excepting obamacare patients no matter how much propaganda of the word is getting out. because of broken promises in the past. to say it is the great success we now talk about the cost of people losing their doctor and hospital. neil: but they have to explain this is too broke to fix. >> the essence of obamacare is taking your power for your health insurance out of your hands of. what they should stay in this me give them even more power than they had before. neil: note to the white house. don't forget the liquor now it is working another $50 million to build more solar panels. >> this is another waste of power taxpayer dollars. >> why don't we bailout the
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middle class? you spend other people's money going you don't have to pay attacks. >> if it was so good they would have done it themselves when the subsidies dry up with a solyndra in others or they are sold in the affair ian to the subsidies represent the worst companies but don't come with the best price. what the new executive order does is of powers more subsidies for solar panels said housing projects, old folks homes. not own the is an artificial but it empowers the worst people you take that subsidy away the marketplace decides the worst debt sold the best
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day home. i have faith in solar energy per by believe it can work if the subsidies get out of the market's allowed it to discriminate between the best and the worst. neil: of those people gravitate. >> even the chinese come over to buy up these companies like 8123 and fisker. neil: thank you very much. >> according to the president americans are all in. >> be affordable care act is working and people see problems with the law. that isot 50 percent of the american people. >> then why are hospitals offering alternatives to obamacare? one seo is next
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xfinity...the future of awesome. neil: the warehouse cheers 80 million signups but the premiums are rising in going even higher my next guest is asking why not give fad coverage directly? it is the unconventional idea but one says for businesses in a bind the approved cheaper. and kate rogers ride this might be more of a trend. it is necessary. >> small businesses wait for the other shoe to drop they have seen it on the individual side now 2015 businesses with 100 or more full-time workers offer coverage or they face the
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penalty then the after also in reid know two-thirds of small business will see a ratings increase to the center of medicare medicaid services and a 91% of small businesses will be impacted. neil: the president said much ado about nothing that double-digit increases are not out of the question? direct they say 11 small businesses will be impacted. neil: you saw the writing on the wall? >> when we talk to our community that priority fear to. led reid talk to the small group service area talking with the price increase.
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neil: with thoughts hospital or beyond? >> western county teachers to the rich getting large increases to be pushed out. neil: those working within your health care system. >> that is exactly right to. we felt using the tools we have built extent to the marketplace and the benefits we extend to our own employees. >> so if they receive the area are they still covered? in the gas. it is the second-largest network of physicians and hospitals in the state. but the most economical care is it in the inner circle of the partnership.
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>> they seem to be getting more. >> they will pay 15 percent last end of the benefits will be to what employer benefits are. >> with the little brodeur not as high above the deductible and co pay. said the maxwell businesses thank leader through the federal or state exchange or pay the fine but then the state gives them a deal with the bigger market share because the game is changing and they have to adapt. neil: plus a doctor is happy >> the doctors are very concerned right now. so be partnered with 270 of our physicians to for my position hospital organization they're very excited they are the inner
8:24 pm
circle. so is the chamber of commerce to sign joint marketing agreements because it is fair market also. >> it is spreading around the country. >> this is a smart idea that has taken off. neil: we could not come up with this. >> this is downright scary. friday night, buddy.
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lifetime, it is more like 27 billion. so in the span of less than a year, a $6 billion swing. former cbo director, american action forum president, douglas holtz-eakin. doug, with no disrespect to your former haunt, i have no confidence in numbers that, and estimates come out of washington. what changed here? >> two things changed. one was supposedly good news, which is the government's ownership in ally financial became more valuable. that made it less, but the really troubling development, more bad mortgages. this was all caused through the housing market backed and remaining bad for a long period of time. neil: so, how can it make for $6 billion swing though? because, it comes, this news comes of course as we're getting, maybe the obamacare savings are going to amount to $120 billion over x number of years? i think they play with these figures? >> i think you should have a
8:29 pm
healthy skepticism about the numbers, i do. even as i prepared themt the cbo, i as you encourage people to understand that we didn't know for sure that, what we're doing is taking our best guess. we are just as likely too high as too low. we're seeing that in this instance. this is program that really has lots of problems. it is still got an enormous number ever financial institutions involved in it including some parts of the auto companies. to anticipate who is going to default, how much cash is involved is really beyond the scope of anyone. what you have is a ballpark estimate. we're in double digits and going north. that's what we know. neil: knowing you were coming on today and hearing the president yesterday extol the virtues of obamacare as his wont, that is find. he was praising medicare debuted in the mid '60s. $65 billion program. took years to adjust. now it's a trillion dollars program. be careful with your comparisons, mr. president.
8:30 pm
you're saying same ratio might apply here, katy-bar-the-door? >> i think you have that exactly right. if you listen carefully yesterday the president revealed one new fact, eight million people signed up. the rest was estimate, revised estimate, estimate came in lower than a previous estimate. there are no facts there. it is important to be careful how you interpret any event. neil: doug, always great to have you, my friend. thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: well are you a prime customer? that does not mean that amazon if a suspicious package delivered to the you, the company is primed to help you get to the bottom of it. if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeling? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier.
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why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york - dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. you'll get a warm welcome in the new new york. see if your business qualifies at >> talk about scary a couple's eight-year-old daughter is sent a package of condoms from amazon. parents didn't order it. kid surely didn't order it but someone addressed it to the kid
8:34 pm
to make sure she got it. amazon says it is their policy not to track it. is that enough of it? let me be brief, i think amazon is full of it. i'm no lawyer. good thing that health they are hanson is and kelly hanson. you say amazon is right. >> come become a subpoena and we'll give it to you. they can't give away customer's credit card information, names, is violates their privacy policy. they say go through the legal process. neil: they say it will raise hackles, that we could have a potential child molester. >> could be a mistake, neil. neil: it came in the girl's name. >> sure could it be something creepy? absolutely that would be horrible. neil: you think amazon should look into this right now? >> i think amazon may look into it internally. ultimately they will not give any information unless they have a subpoena. neil: i'm no lawyer, kelly, whether they give it to this couple or not, and i'm not, i'm
8:35 pm
looking to bottom of this because i could have a pedophile or something like that really taking advantage of my delivery system to say the least. what do you think? >> absolutely. there's public policy and then there's what is in the interest of the company. how does someone sending condoms to a eight-year-old's privacy trump protection over the child, the parents right to protect their child? that eight-year-old can not contract for service. she can't buy them. she can't legally have them shipped to her. to hide behind the privacy policy and potentially protect a pedophile is ridiculous. the police are not doing anything. neil: heather race as good point. could be a accident, crossed names or something. if you're amazon you're looking into what the heck happened here? >> okay. neil: go ahead. >> could be an accident, you're right. let's say it could be but if you're a parent and a child with uniquely spelled name, two packages of condoms comee t to r house, eight-year-old daughter you don't think you want to find
8:36 pm
out who? >> you can't make can exceptions to rules that way. >> there are exceptions to every rule. neil: as a dad i would make exceptions to rules. >> get the subpoena. neil: okay. you're talking the callous lawyer you are. all right, i'm kidding by the way. next up, lucky charms might not be so magically delicious but get sick eating them? good luck suing the company that makes them because especially if you visited any of general mills's magical social media pages. then, your legal rights just disappear like magic. heather, this sound like a wee bit much. >> it's a regular contract. general mills came out yesterday after "the new york times" piece. we're not taking away right to sue. you can arbitrate. arbitration is another forum to resolve these types of issues. second of all, not just for likes. that is the story that is out there but it is for -- neil: what do you mean? if you go on facebook, you go on the site are you liking it. >> only if you get a benefit. same as any contract law. neil: a coupon.
8:37 pm
>> then you are -- neil: even if it poisons me. >> you still have, you still have an outlet, still have a forum. not going to be a class action. neil: you can magically screw them into the wall if you want. then it is not so bad, kelly or is it? >> it is bad because people are going on websites for a dollar off coupon and not realizing by accepting that somehow they're waiving their rights. neil: they say no. the company says -- >> they have a arbitrate. neil: to clarify they are not doing that. >> but no, that is totally different. you are wave waiving your right because you get dollar off you have to arbitrate in particular forum? they will pick the choice of law, venue, we're applying for example, delaware law and somebody in texas gets sick? neil: that she makes a good point. >> that is crazy. >> in 2011 the supreme court said these type of arbitration clauses are acceptable. they just are. taking away class action for lawyers. neil: lucky charms. they were biased to a jury. >> maybe so.
8:38 pm
really hurting lawyers. lawyers are the ones making money with class actions. neil: surprise, sure pried on that one. >> the bottom line you have to read the terms and conditions of any website you go on to. neil: i don't know why i broke out into irish accent but i do love the cereal and little character because he was pulling tricks. why should i revisit my childhood now? thank you. i know michael's is a craft store but i didn't know that made michael's a crafty store. ta about a crafty excuse. after this. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be,
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paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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neil: all right. tonight's biz blitz. here we go again. arts and craft chain michael's, the latest to admit its
8:42 pm
customers cards were compromised. 2.6 million of them may have been breached the thing is it happened a year ago. talk about after the fact. the not much different from the delayed responses from likes of target, neiman marcus and gm with the deadly recall. to gary b. smith and keith fitz-gerald, lizzie macdonald. what takes so long? >> pretty crafty of michael's. neil: i already used that. >> you did? neil: shameless ripoff. >> kind after good friday. neil: just -- >> you're right. there is no rule or law. state laws are patchwork across the country. so michael's what, waited, this happened as early as may, this breach. you know what's happening too, neil, that is really kind of scary for retail customers? is that these retailers are saying, you know what we'll fix the problem with free credit card monitoring service, right? there is no credit card law that says they have to disclose. someone comes in and takes your credit card information and walks off with it, you don't
8:43 pm
hear about it. they are worried they will spook customers. the banks same thing that they don't tell you accounts could be hacked on daily basis because at the banking level they're afraid of runs on deposits. they keep you in the dark. neil: you know, gary, you would think they would learn from some of those other retailers experiences and certainly the environment with gm now the better part of valor get it out and fast because the pr will kill you but they don't. >> exactly, neil. it reverses the good pr that can result getting out in front of it. america love as come backstory. they love it when actors admit they had to go into rehab and they're fixing themselves. they love it when companies up front, admit, hey, we made a mistake. we're owing up to it. here is how we're going to fix it. target eventually bounced back. the safe could have been true. michael says could have said we made a mistake. we'll be as aggressive fixing
8:44 pm
it. i bet customers wouldn't have batted an eye. we're rooting you on, we'll still shop there. it is idiotic. >> in old years four ps. now you have to include trust. neil: manage the three ps, you need another p. >> you have to have a t, to lizzie's point. you could craft one in. i think customers will fix this. they will leave if they don't like it and don't trust you. neil: customers could be getting jaded right? at beginning of show we talked about trust and confidence.e. if they believe they're jaded they will assume everyone is lying. >> people like to shop at target and other stores. retailers act like people will not leave the house again if they find the accounts were hacked. what you do is get a new card. the question, should they be disclosing it? the sec forces companies to disclose material information f your card is hacked that sound like -- >> it is material information. >> yeah it is material. neil: next up, in the biz blitz, oh, no, here we go.
8:45 pm
tech stocks diving. many companies poised to go public are reconsidering. they fear a certain bubble busting. i wonder where they got that from? i hate to burst your bubble, but i think this is bubble. that is just me. you should listen to me because i'm never wrong. we're living in a bubble. enjoy the market as good tidings because it will all go kablooy and all soon. what did you think of the arrows like? >> it is proof that people need to watch you because your our century's e.f. hutton. neil: you know what happened to e.f. hutton, don't you? >> what happened? neil: it is no longer e.f. hutton. >> that's right. are you getting bought out. i will pass to gary b. or keith. neil: gary b. my own point was we kid about it, when you have a candy gain, online maker come out and unheard of valuation, seven 1/2 billion, something is wrong with this picture. might be a great gain.
8:46 pm
i guess this "candy crush" is, but come on, something's weird with this. >> exactly. neil with all due respect to you, you've been in this business even longer than i have been in this business. neil: go ahead, rub it in, that's fine. >> i think when you are around business news, business people, these stories day by day you do develop intuitive sense if you will of what's going on, when things kind of stink, when things are going -- neil: wait, gary. are you saying like i'm like noah and that by virtue being around a long time, just trust me? is that basically -- because i can work with that i'm just saying i can work with it. >> i was going to go more with moses and the tablets you want to go with noah i'm all for that big lib call reference. neil: fine. keith. >> if you part the read sea do it right. you were spot on, if you start talking about eyeballs and conversion you're talking about hope. you lost track of real results.
8:47 pm
i wish this happened before twitter and facebook because i think at love individual investors will fall prey to another round of this nonsense and get badly burned. neil: i wonder are if they badly burned what happened to hot ipos in internet overdoing it, keith or painting everyone with the same brush and say i'm not going to risk it? >> i think they confuse hope th viable investment strategy. what it takes to make money, savvy managements, solid results and cash flow. that never goes out of style. we're talking about eyeballs, clicks and those are terms of venture capitalists interested in. the retail investor is ahead in the line f market goes up everybody thinks they are a genius. if the stock goes down everybody gets burned. >> keith is right. they're dropping like a stick. five out of 50 biotechs are profitable went public since the start of the year. >> right? neil: is that right. >> that's it. they will have a one-day pop
8:48 pm
then drop. what we're talking about cooks spoiling, the books boiling just as fast as we're in the dot-com era? i see many tiny bubbles bursting right now. i had one wall street analyst, send really funny note. people are confused. they don't know what is going on. start worrying, details to follow. they're trying, people are trying to figure it out. some of these ipos will drop like a stick if they don't have profits. i think keith is right. neil: you are such a genius, only you could find that email funny. >> it was -- neil: so geeky. >> i know. neil: it goes over the edge for its brilliance as an very insightful comment. all right, guys, on that i want to switch gears a little bit here. gary i will let the aging comment thing go because it is profound you're acknowledging i have a yoda-like impact on markets which i appreciate. news on the keystone pipeline, it will be delayed. i know this is shock for you, until after the midterms. gary, what do you think of that? >> it's sad but all political.
8:49 pm
this administration cares less about economy and doing the right thing about get are their party reelected. it will cost jobs. it is going to cost us energy independence. it is silly but i guess it is to be expected this this environment. neil: does it mean, keith they make a decision, presumably for this the union pressure, they want the jobs or they keep punting? >> i think they keep punting. to gary's point. this is politics as usual. i think it's a sad statement to what is going on in washington. you've got something here that could put thousands of americans to work almost overnight, we're bickering whose backyard will be in when it is clearly a national interest issue. i'm dumfounded by the stupidity in washington. >> i try to outsmart lizzie when she is here because -- >> , i don't. neil: werner von braun. it is incredible. >> yes? neil: rocket guy. you followed, canadian press
8:50 pm
because i do? i read the canadian press. >> okay. neil: rob ford, everything. >> and the cartoons. neil: that is fine, go ahead. slap me this holy good friday. they're furious over this. >> the unions? neil: in canada. >> canada, yeah they are, forget, they can't deal with the americans. editorializing this. make deals with everyone, we can't trust these guys, we don't know what page they're on, move on. our closest friends -- >> our closest friends are upset. oil will come to market regardless. the issue is bringing, if you don't have pipelines built, by the way this country is interstitched with all sorts of pipelines. you will rely on railway. we know canada suffered a hideous railway accident that killed dozens of people. is this what the administration wants? a dangerous oil and gas being transported by rail instead of pipeline? that is another issue. are we going to punt maybe the presidential election? probably on this. neil: gary? >> yeah, i agree with lizzie. look, the oil will get here.
8:51 pm
just, this is just pure politics. at the, this is an, this is, this addressing the tree huggers, the left-wing in order not to lose their money, not to lose their votes. it is idiotic. keith said it will cost jobs. it will cost us energy that will get here any way as liz points out! neil: thank you all the. we're on the theme of yoda by the way, many are commenting on this footage, 25 years ago this week kicking off cnbc as their first anchor. yoda might apply but -- after this. [ male announcer ] when fixed income experts... ♪ with equity experts... who work with regional experts...
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that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. mfs. why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business. new york is ranked #2 in the nation for new private sector job creation. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york - dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. you'll get a warm welcome in the new new york. see if your business qualifies at
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>> what's the deal, neil? neil: what's the neil with me showing a clip 25 years ago showing much, much younger, apparently thinner cavuto, kicking off very first hour of the very first day of cnbc? ♪ good morning, welcome to cnbc, the consumer news and business channel.
8:55 pm
i'm neil cavuto. marvin writes is that neil? he looks so skinny? different cameras back in those days, marvin. sean, aol, neil, at one point in your 30s did your voice finally change. around the same time your i.q. moved into double digits, shawn. clara, hung alicious then, hunk alicious now. meow, money man. i little vix en. fortune emails, you looked like louie the 15th. all you were missing the powdered wig. closer inspection of that video. you had that too. that is hysterical. very classily of you to can congratulate cnbc. your underlying message. this when they were good. i agreed. well-played, cavuto, well-played. paula via yahoo! you looked like you were doing a hostage take. paula, you write like a
8:56 pm
hostage-taker. in atlanta, what is the deal with yr hair back then? no barbers back then? alex in mississippi, neil you have been an anchor for 25 years. holy -- how have you survived this long? brilliance, alex, sheer brilliance. thomas emails i like that name, fest up cavuto, you're much older than you look. i was watching you long before you ion went to cnbc. i remember you on pbs. how many places have you been fired from? not a one, tom massena. i've never been fired ever, i suspect there skulls a first time i might be tempting fate. paul in toronto. just how much blood of virgins have you been dripping to look this good after all these years? plenty, paul, plenty. ernest e-mails, neil i remember you like elvis presley reporter from pbs in the 1908's. you must be what, 80? 55. i'm 55 years old. sara, do you get early birdies
8:57 pm
counts? well if i so choose, sara, but i hang out hopefully long enough in a restaurant for some fan to pick up the check. not too much luck with that one yet but i still do it. steve in new orleans. cavuto what's been the biggest event thaw covered in 25 years of anchoring? steve without question, 9/11. nothing, nothing, comes even close. tim via comcast, neil as accomplished anchor what colleague in yourr business have you most admired over the years? all right, tim, in my business that could be a tough one i would say they all had something special. as an icon, someone i deeply admired for his wits an brains and what he did for the business, louis rukeyser. he got the ball rolling. he created business news and broadcasting genre. another lou as in lou dobbs, because he made it happen every day. ken in new york city, what about stuart varney? what about him, ken? kelly in dublin, ireland. i think stuart varney is a class
8:58 pm
act at your joint, don't you agree? killian you do know that stuart's accent is fake. he is actually from brooklyn. you do know that didn't? well. tammy and ed in syracuse, new york. we know if maria can be the money honey, why didn't you patent sultan of stocks? the name was taken, guys. the only other option was sultan of stocky so i passed. richard via facebook. i salute you, eddie hundred stir. have i heard that one before? friend of the show, jared levy, your hair still looking great, neil. jared from you, that is a grandest of compliments. patty tweets, neil, you look better now than when you were younger. taylor tweets, i called my cable operator to demand fox business. they said i already have it. i said, so what? i want more cavuto. that will confuse them. al tweets, look up class and you will see neil cavuto's picture.
8:59 pm
some people remove the cl part of that and see my picture. only neil can harness the power of wisdom. last bt hope for common sense. dare i say a superhero. you go, boy. go ahead and dare say it. mike from ohio, what's at deal is one of the best segments. it already makes me laugh. you should get an award. i alerted the pulitzer committee. mine was very late entry. fingers crossed for next year. sheila loves, i love your humor. he is so stinkin' cute. my husband gets so edgy you are so old you could be my younger brother by only eight years. so you may be stinkin' cute and sharp but my husband is over the top cute, funny and really, really smart. you inform and entertain for an hour a day. thisfy does it 45 years and counting. you can convince yourself all you want, sheila, he is the better guy but seems you're a bit too smitten trying to
9:00 pm
justify the marriage. all i'm saying. but keep convincing yourself in your email. as for the hubby -- have a great weekend. kennedy: this time the heavier fines people with their spiritual life so we thought we would help out. you're not only curious if it gets the best of view but how the seven deadly sins used by politicians and society a to control of our actions. at least one is on the list. this is "the independents". kennedy: hello. i am here with you also reason magnin -- magazine editor


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